We welcome contributions of all sizes. You got this!

Find a task

  1. Check out the issue tracker and pick out a task or create a new issue
  2. Leave a comment on the ticket so that others know you’re working on it.

Install Elex development environment

  1. Fork the project on Github.
  2. Install a development version of the code with:
mkvirtualenv elex-dev
workon elex-dev
git clone<YOUR_GITHUB_USER>/elex.git .``
  1. Install developer dependencies for tests and docs:
pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

Running tests

Edit or write the code or docs, taking care to include well=crafted docstrings and generally following the format of the existing code.

Write tests for any new features you add. Add to the tests in the tests directory or follow the format of files like tests/

Make sure all tests are passing in your environment by running the nose2 tests.

make test

If you have Python 2.7, 3.6, and pypy installed, run can run tox to test in multiple environments.

Writing docs

Write documentation by adding to one of the files in docs or adding your own.

To build a local preview, run:

make -C docs html

The documentation is built in docs/_build/html. Use Python’s simple HTTP server to view it.

cd docs/_build/html
python -m http.server

Python 2.7 users should use SimpleHTTPServer instead of http.server.

Submitting code

Submit a pull request on Github.

Testing performance

To get detailed information about performance, run the tests with the –profile flag:

nose2 tests --profile

Testing API request limit

You can test the API request limit, but only by setting an environment variable. Use with extreme care.

AP_RUN_QUOTA_TEST=1 nose2 tests.test_ap_quota


elex is maintained by Jeremy Bowers <> and David Eads <>.

These individuals have contributed code, tests, documentation, and troubleshooting:

  • Jeremy Bowers
  • David Eads
  • Livia Labate
  • Wilson Andrews
  • Eric Buth
  • Juan Elosua
  • Ben Welsh
  • Tom Giratikanon
  • Ryan Pitts
  • Miles Watkins
  • Vanessa Qian